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Experience a new era of group paying with Chipin! Say goodbye to the hassle of coordination and hello to a seamless, joyful group payments process that connects friends, families, and communities. 

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Gift Smarter, Not Harder 

 Unwrap the Simplicity, Our Step-by-Step Approach to Effortless Gifting 

How It Works

Enjoy the Simplicity: Our Effortless Payment Process: 


Quickly find the perfect gifts with our user-friendly store directory. 


Easily set up and manage your gift list for any occasion. 


Instantly share your list with friends and family through our awesome platform. 


Effortlessly purchase the ideal gifts using the collected funds

And VOILÀ! You get exactly what you want, without the emotional admin! 

Ready to make gift-giving a breeze? Get started with Chipin! 

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Why Should You Chipin?

No Fees, More Value

Chipin is 100% free for users, with no hidden fees or charges. Group purchasing has never been this easy and affordable! 

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Get Exactly What You Wish For

Avoid the awkwardness of unwanted gifts.  Chipin turns group gift-giving from chaos to calm. Smooth, efficient, and oh-so-easy, Chipin makes sure you get exactly what you want, every time.  

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Effortless Coordination

Chipin removes the difficulty in choosing and coordinating the purchase of a gift among a group of gift-givers, making the process smooth and efficient.

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Mall-Free Shopping Bliss 

Skip crowded malls and endless searches. Chipin lets you find and finalise the perfect gift online without stepping a foot outside. 

Streamlined Journey from Wishlist to Doorstep 

From wish list creation to gift receipt, Chipin makes the process super smooth and enjoyable even! 

Secure Transactions, Peace of Mind 

At Chipin, we’ve got your back! Your safety is our priority. All transactions are secure, protecting your personal and financial info with top-notch encryption. 

Perfect for Every Occasion

Chipin ensures every celebration or gathering is memorable with ideal gifts and hassle-free contributions.

Wedding Registries

Allow friends and family to contribute towards meaningful gifts that start your marital journey with love and unity. From home essentials to unforgettable experiences, craft a registry that truly reflects your future together.

Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are special, and Chipin makes them even more memorable. Set up a birthday wish list and share it with loved ones. Whether it’s the latest gadget, a piece of fine jewellery, or an adventure activity, ensure every gift counts and brings joy. 

Special Events

Chipin isn’t just for personal milestones; it’s perfect for organising community and corporate events too. From fundraising for charity to buying group tickets for concerts or organising work-related gatherings, ChipIn simplifies group contributions for any event.

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